Looking From Above

Hey There dove, Your lookin from above
I look back up, looking for your love
Hate to see you dead, but its better than the grave stone
That day I picked up the phone
Told them your body had no tone
Later on, I sat all alone
Wishing you would come home

That night we had a fight
Said goodnight
My last sight of your life

You killed yourself
Your murdered my love
My only wealth
Looking for you above

Your so worried
Vision blurry
In a hurry
Waiting for the moment to blast your head away
I had no say. You want it that way

Next day, crying, watching your body lay
A hole in your face
in the middle of my place
In this case
May as well blow my own face
Already dead
I know whats ahead
Lay me in that bed you made for me
6 feet under
Mix my bang with the thunder
So people wont wonder

Tears dont matter,
No pain no gain
Makes you feel insane
But thats just plain, old life
Take it in strife
If your dead, I cant make you my wife
We all have pain, we all have scars
Some beat ours together by far
Dont waste your breath, if you decide to consider death
Murder is a crime, So If you waste my time
Ill take mine.. Pour the wine, And if you think thats fine
Thats just fine...

ShallowDreamers ShallowDreamers
26-30, M
1 Response Aug 1, 2010

Well thanks.. but she didnt kill herself.. She is suicidal.. this is a poem I wrote when I was afraid of her killing herself.. How I felt about it.. I was writing it as if she already did.. Im sorry.. I didnt realize it was hard to notice that.