You... don't... want me.
I'd believe that.
I've been through it all.
Why would you even care?

You have these big, bright, brown eyes.
Gentle, loving hands.
You are this bright smile that never ends.
And are everything that's good in the world.

I can understand why we broke apart.
Why you didn't want me.
Why no one wanted me.
Wants me.

Then you came along. Miss Genuine Smile and glasses.
You were so nice .
We were the same person in two different bodies.

But... you were always so much better than me.
You were prettier.
Everything I wanted to be.
I can see why you don't want.... me.

It's the same story, twice over.
You don't want me.
I don't understand why, but I don't need to.
I'm tired of trying to force my way into your lives.

You don't want me.
I get it.
I don't even want me.
I don't deserve to hurt.

It's what we want, right?

absolutionist absolutionist
22-25, F
Aug 3, 2010