A Love Lost

I saw you.
You saw me.
I felt something,
You could see.

I took one breath.
You took one step.
I looked down.
My secret regret..

You didn't move.
Nor did I.
I wish I had,
Cause now I cry.

Because I was,
afraid to fall.
My first love,
I lost it all.

I see you,
You don't see me.
We are different,
as can be.

I bite my lip.
I close my eyes.
I turn away,
With silent cries.

I wish I could
Do it again.
Maybe we
would still be friends.

Maybe we,
could be more.
But that 's all gone.
My chances floored.

absolutionist absolutionist
22-25, F
2 Responses Aug 3, 2010

Thank you.

thats beautiful