To A Heart That Is Not Mended Anymore

i dont know were to start

should i tell you that its easyer in the day time with the fake smile i give and the laughter i show  just to make it a day more

or should i tell you that at night time when it gets to the AM the tears still flow my pillow will be soaking wet and my bed will be filled with water

do i dare say that at night when im alone all i have is the memories of the year we shared together

should i even speak when my words are scrambled up in a ball of love loss emotions running high on adreline

do you know that  i cannot get away from you even if i try

i want to crawl back and be in your arms

should i say my hearts is in shambles because of you

and there is no medicine for what i have

im sick with a love loss heartache

and all i can do is cry

ill hide my tears in the day for people so they dont know how bad it is

but inside ill scream

scream for you

scream for my brokenheart

id tell the world but all the world really cares about our celebritys why should i matter

do you even relize what ive done for you obviously not

but its okay because now my tears are dried and my words unscrambled

and my mind is clear

but the only thing that is wrong

is my heart yerns for you

and all i really want is for you to mend it up again

because your my first love and i dont want to lose you

:(  thank you for reading i hope you enjoy it feels alot better to get my feelings out  and i hope things work out between me and my ex

take care!


MarineGirlfriend91 MarineGirlfriend91
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 3, 2010

Good job! Keep expresssing yourself like this! :)