What A Tangled Web We Weave

I have betrayed you - little heart
The day I let you go.
I set you free, so free to be,
A feeling so unknown.

I took a chance, sweet little heart,
On words from charming tongue.
Hair shining like the auburn leaves,
I thought he was the one.

The warm, long talks in colder cars
And playing in the rain
Nights spent within each others arms,
Memories drive me insane.

The time and strife spent breaking down
These walls of iron will,
Was such a waste, and in your haste,
I rebuilt them stronger still.

I let you in this gate of stone,
You entered and you drew
Your words sharp as a steel blade,
You stabbed me through and through.

A fickle web your mind has wove,
Around your fickle heart.
A fickle hand and lips and eyes,
Is tearing me apart.

Oh heart, you'll mend in time - my dear
You'll learn to live again,
But until that day, that day of days,
I'll leave you locked within.
Edgeborn Edgeborn
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 4, 2010

This is so beautiful, that even though it is sad, I was so happy to read it :D