Welcome Home Dearst Loner!

Lone, alone, lone, lone, alone
I fear what I have known for so long,
The thing that held me company all along,
I was brought to this world and it tagged along,
left to deal with everything on my own, and when I depart it’ll still hold on
my friends friend, my first experience, we met before I could make a sound
those were the times I used to enjoy, but things changed and now there aint no rejoice
as I walk on the streets with my friends and all of my peepz, I can feel it creep
my boo be thinking I’m a cheat cuz it keeps me on alert
Why do I fear to be alone, why do I look at it as a stranger that don’t belong, when in fact it’s my long last
U make me feel alone, u left me on my own, but I am still standing strong
Waiting for my turn, to sit on the throne
Don’t fear, don’t hide, don’t deny, it’s alright
It’s clear as the sky, , loneness is my line even when I’m high
U made me feel alone, u left me on my own, but I am still strong, not like Rome, but the bottle in my hand sure is a rome
Don’t judge, take a look, this Is how it all is, this is the truth
Misery caused by a broken home, stone and cold that’s where I came from
A mom whose **** broke, depressed and oppressed…deceived and obsessed
I was 10 when I took my first blow, escape from the horror is yet to occur
As I take a stroll in a valley of all the wrongs, don’t judge, don’t laugh, this aint a test nor a joke
This is me colored with reality, wish me rainbows wish me happy
OldSoulYoungBody OldSoulYoungBody
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 4, 2010

this is an unfinished poem i wrote, not to log ago, but when i found it, i couldn't help but think it was perfect just at it was, and now i'm sharing it with you guys, hope you enjoyed it