My Own Little World

The frigid air sweeps around me
Welcoming me into it's sanctuary.
No worries, no fear
In my own little world.
It's waiting for me.

The wind howls against my skin
Cold and unrelenting
Beckoning me into its protective arms.
My own little world
Is calling out

The sun shines bright on my face
With endless radiance.
It blinds me from the judgments
Of my own little world.
It's reaching for me.

The power of my world possesses me
Cold, hard and unwelcoming,
Forever tarnished by judgment and fate.
My own little world
Betrays me.

The hands of my world caress me
With its bloodless steel hands
Ready to strike at any moment.
My own little world whispers
Welcome Home.
Goldenpoet820 Goldenpoet820
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 4, 2010