The World Through Different Eyes

 Under a cloudless sky,
I lie down, by your side,
You look around,
You see flowers like butterflies,
Dandelions like kittens,
Silver water in a stream,
Diamonds in a moonbeam.

You see the world,
A wonderful, whimsical place.

'Neath the very same sky.
On the ground, in a field,
I gaze around.
I see wolves, stalking helpless deer.
Weeds suffocating the earth.
Dead leaves forsaking their trees,
Honey taken, killing bees.

I see reality,
An eternal depressing cruel fate.

But which is right, and which wrong?
We see the same things differently,
In our small world,
You see the good. the enchanted lie,
I see the the harsh cold truth,
Do you have something I have not?
Or merely something I forgot?

I see through an adult's eyes,
While yours remain those of a child....

I do not know why I decided to post this, but it is something I wrote at 13, and felt like posting.

And for the record, I only knew where it was because my mother found it a few days ago, along with several other poems from around the same time.

Feel free to be harsh in your criticism!
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Thank you!

This is very good.. thank you it was my pleasure to read. : )