Daddy's Little Girl

I love you daddy

Cant you see me down here at your feet

Staying strong and holding on

Your daughters’ love is so replete.

I miss you daddy

When you’re gone from home again

The long long days, and longer nights

You don’t come home to tuck me in.

I hear you daddy

When you yell and scream in vain

Your voice is loud, your thunder strong

You speak with such disdain.

I see you daddy

Nodding off on the couch

Cigarette lit and burning

Cant you just put it out?

I don’t feel you daddy

I sense no love from you

Just pain and disapointment

Like a dream that wont come true.

I need you daddy

Do you see my saddened face?

I long for home and understanding

And your fatherly embrace.

I love you daddy

For now, and evermore

I wanted to be closer to you

Than we ever were before.

I miss you daddy

You turned your daughter down

I tried to be your princess

But I never got the crown.

I hear you daddy

You hate who I’ve become

I’m not the same girl I once was, you say

I’m not your little one.

I see you daddy

Now only in my dreams

Disgusted you’ve become with me

Myself, I cant redeem.

I feel you daddy

And the anguish you instill

The words you say are heartwrenching

But that I wont reveal.

I just need my daddy

Just like every little girl

To walk me down the aisle

To watch my life unfurl.

But I understand daddy

I’m not who you set out to create

You’ve gotta remember though

This is my life to narrate.

Be there for me daddy

That’s all I ask of you.

Is it wrong for me to long for

A simple ‘I love you’

You’ve locked yourself up tight daddy

Just like a clam who’s got a pearl

You shut off all emotion

For daddy’s little girl.

I’ve been waiting for you daddy

To make our house a home

Hold us all together

And we’ll never be alone.

I can wait forever daddy

I know you’re stubborn as can be

I’ll wait for you forever

To come around for me.
escapexthexfate escapexthexfate
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 6, 2010

Thank you! This poem was diffrerent from what i normally write. It was less metaphorical, and more straight forward. It was harder for me to read this poem after it was written just due to the raw feelings i'd put into it. Even now, after my relationship with my father has strenthened, it still brings tears to my eyes.