I have not written in awhile - but I luv to write poetry.... I am not sure if this one is still in the works or if it is complete - only time will tell...

Falling, tumbling - no feelings of control

It is frightening but exhilarating - I try to catch my breath

I cannot ever remember feeling like this

It feels as though storms are brewing

Chaos is happening yet time seems to stand still

Heaven could be so simple with you

Laying on the grass looking up at the stars

Cradled in your arms each night

Kisses that I never want to end

Holding your hand would make my heart melt

All I can do is giggle and smileā€¦

p.s. I am thinking of calling it 'Exquisite Torture'..... I am open to feedback - it is fun being lost in a wonderful way
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3 Responses Aug 6, 2010

A long and torturous free fall
Free of substance...free from attachment
Dedicated to my own personal deconstruction
Free of judge...free from consequence
Faded to my own personal shallow grave
Where my tombstone humbly decorates
As it
Slightly tilts to left...
Yielding to grass, half mowed
Around on my home's periphery
Free of chance...free of circumstance
Here is where I do my dance
With my smile, half crooked
and my fingers crossed
Deeply involved in a mystery I was never prepared for
I Curse my ill fate
Free of my luck...free of my opportunity
Why...was I blessed with such an immaculate and irresistible
All in the loving name
To my fate
My own Personal Purgatory
This Is My Destiny....
You, bless and curse this road
That I am so addicted to claim
Without a Prize
Praise your Glow
With my sincerest,
and most envious
Of Final Good Byes
You are my Guilty Pleasure
That I could never live with
Never Live Without

Hello, my twin... what are you doing this evening?

yeah.... you know this is dedicated to you - <br />
<br />
p.s. I do luv to be lost in a wonderful way.....

.... giggle, smile & blush ;-) lol....<br />
<br />
P.S. Luv the title, has a meaning of it's own... ;-)