What Is This Place?

I walk on ahead, into the dense forests of development,
Tall and impressive, yet cold and unforgiving
I catch a glimpse of my face on a steel arch,
I move ahead. It stays, unwavering, empty eyes gazing towards the distance.
What is this place?

I step ahead, slow and cautious.
As I walk I leave behind one who loves me,
Should I turn back, was the question.
I look behind me, but there is only nothingness.
Swirls of black devour the path I’ve trodden.
There’s no turning back, what is done is done.
What is this place?

Unsettling it is but there is no choice,
Forward I must go, no way to turn back,
So I stride along ahead, fists clenched, Smile intact,
I walk on, a dull pain settling on my heart, my soul.
I look up to a signboard, I try reading but it shuffles as I try,
I give up; I need to find my own way,
But how?
I don’t know this place.
Then I see someone at the end of the road,
Where the path forks into separate ways,
I realize with a start that I know him,
I’m safe now-but why does the pain increase?

He beckons me to the road on the left,
Where light shone at the end of the path,
I longed to feel the warm light on my face,
And walk hand in hand.

But I know in my heart amongst the pain,
That it is not to be that way.
Tears crack streams upon the façade on my face,
As I step onto the road on the right-
The right road.
Brings no happiness, this road,
No lights light the path of righteousness,
There’s nothing but me and the pain in my heart.

For after stepping on the right road before,
I went against it and I diverted to left,
That’s why I’m here again, forced to make yet another sacrifice.
I walk along the road, heart thudding with pain with every step.
But the decision is made, what is done is done.
What is this place you ask?
It’s the deep dark corners of my mind.
Shahsha143 Shahsha143
18-21, M
2 Responses Aug 7, 2010

very nice poem. do you learn more about yourself each time you choose the right-hand road? i believe we learn something useful even when we are in pain. it is what we do with it that matters<br />
be well.