Shes Mine.

hey girl whats your name
the look in your eyes
say theres no room for games
lets step back
lips are moving
might be on track
take the chance cause i'm far from losing
dont mess around with her like she's your sister
cause shes got enough to please a mister
my hands are open when u feel bothered
got so much class id show u to my mother
her heels are clacking like shes wasting her time
but her hands are shaking wanting to be mine

hey girl thats okay
you don't need to take off your dress
to make my day
just want to see you dance
and have some fun
dancing so well
making everyone want some
well shes mine
go get yours
she wont help your needs
just help you to the door
take my hand and lets not delay
for a better time that comes our way
id feel bad if we went astray
but she said shed be mine
every night and day.

joe0ner joe0ner
18-21, M
Aug 7, 2010