So soon after high school, I’m forced to think about who I am.
Right after graduation, a teacher came up to me and asked me who I thought I was.
So I looked at her and I said
B****, I’m whoever I want to be.
And I had grounds to say that,
because I’m a writer
And only a writer
Can twist fate to her own path
And the paths of her characters.
And only a writer can change negative circumstance
Into liquid prose, like when a best friend attempts suicide
And the writer says: The blood spiraled down her arm like crimson henna, creating the ironic beauty she longed to see in the world.
Only a writer can leap from chapter to chapter, never once missing a step.
Only a writer can sit for hours, letting her soul spill from the vein that connects her pen to her heart.
And only a writer can unblock those who’ve not yet let the pen disclose their secrets.
And when that writer has finished her page
Maybe, just maybe that writer will write you into her story
But only once you’re finished writing your own.
Goldenpoet820 Goldenpoet820
18-21, F
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Love this <3.