Journey Of You

That all can be so blind to blinding beauty.
Do they not see the way it warms my skin as if replacing the Sun.
Should they not have sight, so to lose to your lovliness.
Blinded by radiance.
To see, to feel your light.
Even one sweet glimpse.

Has become a part of life.
Seeping into the bones,
Rooted to the soul,
Unyielding and merciless in its revenge.
Cancerous; spreading to your thoughts,

Is the infinite weight upon your shoulders,
Bearing heavy on your heart.
Holding what was once a free spirit, prisoner.
Gasping for air,
Just one blessed breath.

Despite endless highways,
Has lead my road to yours.
Is honoring the beauty of kindred souls.
Amidst a world of chaos and confusion,
We revel in the tranquility of our own.

In your honest heart and subtle compassion.
Eyes drift away and I inhale deeply, deeper even.
Take in the air you rob me of,
Every second, of every hour, of every day.

The love between us.
Sweetly enveloped we are.
Every tear destined to adorn this hopeful face,
Born not from sorrow.
As long as you are mine,
And I am yours.
Jubes29 Jubes29
18-21, F
2 Responses Aug 8, 2010

Thank you eyewillbelieve <3!

i love the last stanza and my favorite line in the poem is " just one blessed breath"