Today And Not Yesterday

The pinnacle of my life will not come while reflecting upon lost dreams,
Wondering who I could have, or should have been at any given time.
Instead I shall weave the threads of victory and at times defeat into the seams,
Of life and of love, embroidered into a creation so unique and sublime.
The echoes of my past may haunt my very soul until the day she drifts away,
Reminding me of the memories that let not a day of rest to my young eyes.
But these eyes have aged and matured as I would open them and pray,
For the day where I would always be met with rays of sun and lovely skies.
A day might come where all else fails and I think of the what ifs,
Where every fork in the road will be picked at, prodded, and poked.
There my loved ones will stand, an empowering symbol of all the gifts,
And all the embraces and all the laughs that I have over-looked.

Here is where I will close my eyes and smile slowly at fate.
Although almost never on time, she will be worth the wait.
Jubes29 Jubes29
18-21, F
Aug 8, 2010