Quilt Of Experiences

Has your past ever whispered to you with such quietude that you're reminded of evergreens singing in the breeze of a northern forest?
Subtle, yet ever-present, our remembrance conjures up bittersweet echoes of what was, and part of us stops to listen and glance within ourselves through wistful eyes.
I am reminded of lines I wrote about this journey to my inner meadow of experience.
"I'm called to rest amidst myself, a bird perched on a limb...I softly inhale from the leaves of remembrance all the things that were...all the things that stir every blade of my being." They comprise my rainbow of remembrance, arching across a wiser perspective view.
Memories blanket the soul, and emotions stir them into movement, always with a purpose.
My mind mends these precious fragments into my own special quilt of experiences, worn on the edges but soft from constant use. I smile as I wrap myself in it, a warmth I cannot truly know in any other way.

Connifer Connifer
56-60, M
4 Responses Aug 8, 2010

So lovely.

Awaiting yet another fantastic journey...to places always familiar and full of love... : )

Thank you so much.<br />
I thought if anyone would relate to such imagery, you would.<br />
There are other places in store. I just have to get them posted for you to enjoy.

The beauty of your words have spoke to me as always. Just a moment to close my eyes and picture the lovely images you paint into these beautiful stories... Thank You for taking me to a very special place once again.. : )