Remembrance (Candleworks)
How do leaves sleep I wonder?
Pulling up gentle folds
Of sunshine around their faces?
I know at times they tremble,
But from lightning...or is it thunder?
And in Autumn
When a breeze ripples thru them;
Nature's breath blowing
Candles on a birthday cake...
Do they smile and
Share secrets with the lake?
Mother tree
Cuts loose their tether,
And they dance soundlessly
On a journey, like a feather.
There they lie,
Sometimes stirred
By Nature's sigh
Until Winter blankets them.
Such is the way
With our lives' events...
Thoughts awaken and glide into memories,
Memories blanket the soul,
And emotions stir them into movement...
Like leaves on a roll.
Perhaps we are but candles
In the works; our wax burning faster
And brighter than these tree-wizened monks.
The warm wax of memory drips
Slowly down our trunks,
Our eyes glowing softly like
Lamps on ancient, silent ships.
Who knows how long we've
Flickered in the windows of samsara?
Another life; another candle in the works.
Maybe we'll glean an answer to
This burning question next lifetime...
Or as early as next wick. :)
Connifer/@Copyright 4/2002
Connifer Connifer
56-60, M
5 Responses Aug 9, 2010

So lovely Connifer! Thank you, thank you, thank you, A beautiful piece of work!.


Thanks to both of you.

this is so beautiful..

Beautiful as always... the ending I like so much... whimsical.... : ) thank you. Should post a pic I have of a heart shaped pile of leaves with sea shells piercing it like cupid's arrow...