Sept 1995

deep down she knew how to make it all better, she only had to remember. she could feel that she had been here before, done it before. as long as she could make herself feel needed she would be alright, until she could convince herself of something else. she had been looking for herself for years but all she had found were broken remnants of a life long dead now. but maybe she really didn't want to find herself, after all the time she had spent trying to lose herself from this world she never felt a part of. she had told herself to remember so many times the word had no meaning to her now. it sounded as foreign as the word 'hope'.  but how was she to know it would be like this- she asked an uncaring world she knew would not answer. but deep down inside she had known, and for that reason alone she had gone on. she had not known then why, but she was beginning to understand. she knew things, heard, saw, and felt things she knew nobody did. and for years she hid them- very well. but she was growing weary of her charade and yearned for somebody. anybody to know her for who and what she really was. she felt as though she were dead, separated from the world by something other than her secrets. alone in darkness forever. hidden in a chasm far below the essence of humanity. hoping for things she knew would never be. she was all the while digging herself in deeper, knowing that someday, somebody would understand. but not soon enough, she thought.
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Very well done sweets and you do it so naturally....thats true talent!!!

thank you

I was 14 when I wrote this