life in the fast lane is never boring, pressing on to outrun time itself only makes me feel so much older. faster than sound- so much goes unsaid. but somehow you lookout for another who can keep up. a tiny caravan of nomads, as scarred and dirty as you have to be, we follow the same maps. new age gypsies. days fly by like telephone poles. you gave me the strength i needed to veer from the cliffs. you always know when i'm about to fall asleep at the wheel. the friend i always needed was never in a pill. you make me want to see where this 'freeway' leads instead of spinning my wheels. i can't let you cruise back out of my life. i need you to need me to be with you..... when the sun is in my eyes you help me see. but when it rains it pours. nothing is simple. life is the trip, not the destination. but at least we keep moving on, never looking in the rear-view mirror except to make sure you're keeping up with me- cruisin' down route 666.
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you don't just "write poetry" you write "good poetry."

this puzzle i've been keeping...