I Want To Live The Day

This love I feel,
Is so unreal, My ******* brain wants to stay sane
But thinking of the pain, The pain I feel
When I think of you leaving, It makes me bleed
When I sit here believing, I stop breathing.
All this **** my mind says, When I heard your voice,
My brain had no choice.. He heard that emotion.
Made me think of what I may be losing
Just want you to call back, Bring me that soothing feeling
Of knowing you will stay, So I can live my ******* day!
Im so ******* tired of praying! Laying in my ******* bed crying!
Laying all Day feeling like Im dying.. I want to be able to leave my ******* dreams and make them
A god damn reality! This depression bashing my ******* head in, With no mercy and so much brutality
I just want to live in normality, With you! This is my choosing! Ive lived my life losing.. Always ******* losing!
When is my time for victory? Maybe a happily ever after in my future?
I know life is no fairy tale
But it sure is a tale,
Jesus ******* Christ! Just roll the dice!
Let me see my chances!
Make this dreams of Romances strengthen my stance!
Let me stand strong, Knowing I did nothing wrong
Sing me a song, Tell me how my life is supposed to be!
Let me see if I am supposed to be happy!
So maybe I can just quit wasting my ******* time!
Because if this is how I will always feel.. I dont know if I can continue living in reality..
If im supposed to be alone.. Let me know.. If not..
Depression.. Leave me the **** alone!

Im constantly Afraid that im not supposed to be in love..
Because I fell in love.. And it hurts when I think of life without it..
I cant be alone... I dont trust myself alone...
ShallowDreamers ShallowDreamers
26-30, M
Aug 10, 2010