[starry] Nites <3

 As we Look Upon a Star,
It reflects on who we are,
It shows every mark,
Like a mirror in the dark,
Shows us every bit of wrong,
every addiction that seems to huant,
every sickness that we caught,
things we hold on to,stuff we let go,
when we're offended,when we're not,
shows every lie we said,even the
things we thought in bed,
dreams we dreamt,
thoughts we kept,
Memories forgotten,
Loved that was expressed,
Getting mad at nothing,being embarresed
over somthing,
checking if we went to church,
starting drama,thinking we're right...
when were not,
making sure we're in with school,
Putting on the right mask everyday,
going here and there like a two-face,
things we're not meant to see,
and giving everyone the key,
chains that drag us where we don't want to be,
guilt that creeps,thoughts we think that are not meant to be,
feels like the same routine!,Getting into drugs,
wanting nothing but death,hating the way we look,
putting our heads to the sink,throwing up everything we
eat,And yet its A burden that we keep,
When we look upon a star,
what do we see?
Black spots that we try to erase,
or instead the mistakes we make?
Lets step up,one by one,
or will you choose to give up?....

Sometimes we don't see what we've become,
or tend to ignore it all at once,we try to be somone we're not,
But all we have to do,is look upon a star & see who we really are.......
22-25, F
1 Response Aug 10, 2010

This poem speaks to me! I will read more soon.