~ Visitation ~
Sitting quietly by the
Window of myself,
I sip gently from
The sweet wine of time.
There I sense the
Restless sojourn of
Passing years,
And for a moment
I rest inside myself...
Dance inside my tears.
Retrieval of memory
Is often quick and fleeting,
Flashing and bright...
A lighthouse beam brushing
A passing ship;
Reflection, introspection,
Stirring fireflies at twilight.
Savoring the quietude
Self visitation imparts,
I can bask in loneliness,
Sing to the echo of
Sublime moments past,
And recharter each memory,
Hoping all will last.
All the places I've been
Mingle with the faces
I've seen...
Running thru my mind
With the freedom of
Kids on Halloween.
The smoky movement
Of images that both
Surprise and satisfy...
(Astounding to feel)
Making me ask why
They seem so surreal.
The quietness of
Meadow-mind ensues
When I set adrift
Upon my sea...
Gently rocked to sleep
By waves of reverie.
Connifer/@Copyright 9-2000
Connifer Connifer
56-60, M
1 Response Aug 10, 2010

Ode to the sleep I hope to enjoy tonight.. nestled in the comfort of my fondest memories while embracing the ones still yet to come to fruition... : )