The Gunslinger

He marches through fiery desert,
He climbs over icy peaks,
He hunts those that should die.
Every man fears him, the six shooter at his side,
He goes from town to town,
He hunts those that should die.
A bullet in murder’s wicked mind,
A bullet in a rapist’s rotting heart,
He feels no pain,
No sadness, no love, no anger,
He hunts those that should die.
He is fast, he is not rivaled,
You could blink eyes and his work was done, Gunslinger that he is,
Claiming another black soul,
But always justice served,
He never killed in vain, he never will,
He hunts those that should die.

Rumor spread of a great killer, a demented wizard perhaps,
The tales stating his victims being ‘sucked dry’.
The wizard was fabled to wear a black, hooded cloak,
Never showing anything but his mouth,
Which always wore a cruel grin.
The witnesses to the murders,
what few there were,
Told their stories, they sounded make believe,
Yet every story was the same,
“I saw the wizard inhale the life of his victims!”
Gunslingers from all over came to hunt him,
All would die but one.

One after another Gunslingers came,
One after another Gunslingers were sucked dry by the Wizard,
It was exactly what the Wizard wanted,
Gunslingers were what he needed,
Their souls were like a rare feast,
A gunslinger’s life was rich,
Making the soul a delicacy.
Soon most gunslingers were dead,
It was time to serve justice and vengeance,
He made a wager, that’s what the Wizard did,
“Eternal life to the one who defeats me!”
He spread the word and thus the word was everywhere.
After this, before the next full of the moon,
Only one Gunslinger left,
The showdown was nigh!

It was a cloudless night,
Barely a breeze,
Many were in saloons,
All full with the terrible spirit of gamble.
This is when the last gunslinger entered town,
The town where,
Just after sunset,
A hooded man with black cloak entered.
The Gunslinger had to find him,
For vengeance and for justice,
He hunts those that should die.
The Gunslinger heard the cackle of a crow,
He turned around,
There the Wizard was!
If you blinked eyes you would miss it,
The gun was cocked and drawn at once,
He pulled the trigger and flame shot out,
All this in the blink of an eye!
Then another shot to make certain,
He is fast, he is not rivaled,
The Wizard fell and died,
The Gunslinger made the victor!
He hunts those that should die,
He will do it for eternity!
marvthebass marvthebass
18-21, M
Aug 10, 2010