Tomorrow Is Borrowed

In your eyes
Nobody’s listening
So you cry
But nobody’s missing you…(do you think that’s true?)
I tried
And failed to understand…(I’m just half a man)
The signs
I guess I’m just not listening
I’m just not missing him
If every day is a new day
If God forgives the mistakes I’ve made
Then maybe he can forgive
That I don’t want to live
If I could I would give him a kiss
I don’t think I am someone he’d miss
In my eyes
Nobody’s listening
So I cry
But nobody’s missing me
If I died
Would you even care…(do you think you’d share?)
And my sign
Is that I don’t understand...(I’m just half a man)
If every day is a new day
Then to you my lord I do prey
Forgive me from the mistakes I’ve made
If I die today would the world just break?
Answer this today please not tomorrow
Today is a new day tomorrow is borrowed
hedrocks hedrocks
31-35, M
Aug 11, 2010