A Few Words For The Great Britain

Lets all be a part of the nation who's only creation was the transformation
From democracy to hipocracy, an entire civilisation based on cups of tea.

Lets all have a taste of reality, the fear, greed and vanity that binds humanity,
then we'll feel as one with the coperate-controlled self-depravation society.

Then when the generals start feeling restless with too many weapons, to save them growing bored;
they'll pick on a third world country too poor to defend itself
Well lets all go to war!

Look at us: We're the ones who keep the country rolling, keep the streets clean and the houses looking homely,
yet we're treated like an ethnic minority.
Clear your own gardens, Fix your own cars!

Well maybe Joe Public would fix his own cars if the major companies didn't make it so hard
but where's the money in simplicity?
They'll make you believe its for your own good.

Now i'm not trying to be political / destructively critical / these are just words.
So relax MI5, no need to knock my door down!
Please don't brand me a terrorist.

Would you despise me if I were to say to you; "The global warming issues are all bullshit"?
Of course you would because you treat it like religion instead of an opinion thats open for debate.
Look! Here's another tax and there's another text, telling you that your payments overdue.
So update your status on facebook. Tell the virtual world of your pointless strife (like anybody cares).

You see my son you've got to pay your way in life to keep everybody else happy.
Just make sure that when you die you leave nothing for the vultures to swipe.
pWuHnYk pWuHnYk
18-21, M
1 Response Aug 12, 2010

Sorry for unleashing this pointless rant. Its probably not poetry but, hey! What the hell? :P