God Answers Prayers


Your words touched my heart ,
like a soft kiss.
How could I have known,
it would turn out like this?

You touched my soul
whispering words of love in my ear. 
You called me enduring words,
like sweet heart and my dear.

 I was mesmerized with your words,
when you got down on your knees
You expressed words of love, then asked,
“will you marry me please.” 

I never imagined that  my love
wouldn't be enough, when I said, "I do." 
I loved you with all my heart and soul,
and I thought you loved me too.

Were the words you said
just bait to get me in your snare? 
Now the words you yell are evil and cruel,
Do you still really care? 

The cutting words come more often.
I cower when they come. 
I know not to speak,
I must endure the cursing until you’re done. 

God blessed us with a boy and girl,
Many years rushed by. 
There are happy times,
but I can ever satisfy you as much as I try.

The last time you called me f!!!ing *****,
I exploded and I hit back with no fear. 
Even though I knew 
retaliation would be severe.

You beat me with your fist ,
and gave me a black eye. 
The years of emotional abuse
You no longer tried to deny
My heart is filled with sadness, and disbelief,
but proud I stood up for myself today.
Now, your asking for forgiveness;
begging me to stay. 
There’s so much to think about,
life without you, and a split family.
You asked if we could please try again;
you would prove your love to me.

I prayed to God the Father
for our marriage to be repaired.
To make our life better,
than the many years we shared.

God answered my prayers,
Filling my heart again with love for you.
You loved me enough to change,
proving you love me too.

dare2love dare2love
56-60, F
3 Responses Aug 12, 2010

Love for me has never been easy, this year it was complicated by the return of my first love. He brought alot of "what if's" I have always loved him, but had managed to move on with out him with my husband that now treats me so good. I carried on an emotional affair with my first love for the past six months, but I never even saw him. He is now back at home, and I haven't heard from him since. I'm hurt that he didn't even say good by.

when some one get lost love after a pause, it intensify manifold

Love is the 1st and last reason of all