Shadow Maker

~ Shadow-Maker ~

Gibran said,
"What is time
Save our own
Thoughts changing?"
And therein lies
The key...
Change is the
Shadow cast by
Shadows are by nature
Very elusive,
Especially when created
By Nature,
And time is but the breath
Of Gaia...
So She doth shadow make.
Moving silently,
Clouds obscuring the sun
Of what is
'Till it becomes what was,
Change cannot elude
It's own shadow.
The marriage of change
And time are like
Echo and sound,
Smoke and fire...
Hardly more deed
Than it is desire.
Gaia's spinning dreams
Are the world's reality...
She breathes, seasons change,
And Her change shadows
Dreams yet to be.
Connifer/@Copyright 06-2000

Connifer Connifer
56-60, M
1 Response Aug 12, 2010

WOW ~ You are a true poet Connifer! <br />
Love the Gibran quote, BTW. <br />
<br />
>>>>>The marriage of change<br />
And time are like<br />
Echo and sound,<br />
Smoke and fire...<br />
Hardly more deed<br />
Than it is desire<<<<<<<br />
<br />
VERY NICE! Thanks for sharing.