The First Anniversary (we Meet Again)

This was written to commemorate the chance meeting of me and my first-love almost 2 decades after we fell apart ... but also realizing, since we moved on, we couldn't be with each other any more.

Tonight as I look out the window
My eyes they are losing their gaze
Not sure what it is that I'm seeing
But I'm hoping for now that it stays
I recall deep inside the great laughter
That together we often did share
I'm just so in love with your smile
My eyes they can't help but stare
I'm enthralled with your delicate features
I can't help but touch, is it true?
To draw you much closer, my goal now
My thoughts they continue of you
I'm kissing your cheek can you feel me
As your head rests inside of my hands
Your fingers are saying come closer
In a language only we understand
The sensations are feeling so real now
As if you were right here by my side
I'd never let go or release you
But for now I must keep you inside
And treasure these thoughts I remember
For it seems they don't happen too much
I'd love to expand our collection
Of emotions, our sights, and your touch
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Aug 13, 2010