I sat and waited till the day you came

I always knew, you would lead the way

Ive never felt being hole, till the day i heard your call

It lifted me up to a better place, holed me so i felt safe

I bless the day you came to me, i bless the fact that you helped me see

Into a world that really lives, into the heart of all of this

Side by side we will fly, up and out of these lies

Like feathers in a stormy wind, you never know when its there end

So hold me up and ill hold you in, Im glad your finaly here my friend
snow33 snow33
26-30, F
3 Responses Aug 13, 2010

Wonderful and breathtakingly beautiful Congrats on the spotlight, I'm glad you got to have the honor of having one(: and I'm glad that I clicked on it. You have talent, I can't wait to read more...:)

thanks again.. ; )

lovely :)