No Title....

The pain
The Hurt
The Despair
The Sadness

Blood Falling
Tears falling
Pain in my heart
Numbness in my wrist

I scream but no one hears
I cry but no one sees
I run but no one chases
I cut bu no one cares.

The pain is what I feel
The blood is what I see
The silence is what I hear
The loninless is what I taste.

I cry
and I cut
But I can't go on
The pain is just too much.

Slide the blade across my wrist
Take a handful of pills
Slide the blade across my wrist
Take another handful of pills

Place head back on the pillow
Wait for it to come
I know its almost here
This is the end

I cry some tears
I cut the skin
I pop some pills
I'm out of here.
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Aug 14, 2010