Dance Club

Dance Club                 (Revised 4/27/10)
A black hollowed belly bulges
with the swelling breath of liquored lips,
reeking of sex and poetry,
gasping debauchery, between
strobe lights, glowing drinks and corsets.
Awkward girls in too tight leather,
pining to be princesses
in stiletto glass slippers,
conjure the words of libertines
in bumping base lines to rub, frig,
and ****
the inside of Charming’s cotton jeans.
Craving the anonymity
of sporadic intimacy
they crave to bump, grind, and crush
unfamiliar familiar flesh
of skin sweat salted ‘neath polished tips.
Cherry kisses swallowing
saline coated midnight lust.
Wealhtheow Wealhtheow
22-25, F
Aug 14, 2010