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Do You Love Me... Cookies?

Every day we go there to there
Looking for love that's about it
But if only you saw her
Sexy I'll admit it

She seems so innocent
With that sweet accent
She's not Italian
You made me ardent!

Funny as hell
You rang a bell
The bell of my heart
This is real art

I'm so sad right now
But if you want me
I'll just say wow
And give you a cookie!

nighthowler nighthowler 18-21, M 5 Responses Aug 24, 2010

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k, I should be on, depending on how tired I am.

:O those are almost as good as peanut butter cookies! ^^ Let's talk later tonight if you are still on, I got some maths to study for now lol

Lol. This girl at my camp gave me an oatmeal cookie today : ) It was really good.

Haha thanks I just felt like eating cookies while writting this :D

Haha the poem was great...and then you added "And give you a cookie!". So now it's epic XD