How Long Does It Take?

All The environments that have been raised structural phenomenon.
Personal situations requires delicateness, at times,  with all our designs and preparations until we believe fully in our strength to over come.
knowing these can be true experiences helps me to remain at ease, peaceful, motivated and calm.
Have we ever been there? Feelings like the ones we have shouldn't, but still seam so distant and rare.
Having to wonder why, permanence, on these righteous lines, are so firmly denied, time after time.
Progression is hard to locate in the back of my stubborn mind.
Unnecessarily remaining at odds.
Am i that stupid, i just can't keep connecting these dots?
am I at war with these words like i am at war with their thoughts. Trying to bring about total restoration like its a part of my job.
Sharing in his vision like i am right next to God. When i ran in willing he gave me no questions of discomfort, from my previous human lifestyle to dodge.
He brings forth everything in all the ways that i want and beyond. introducing me to his whole kingdom. i guess i do believe seeing his life long transformations come true. Every meaning explained by his voice like i needed assurance just to know it is the truth. Knowing how his descriptions modify and regroup. I guess i will just be another part of his troops. Able to remain this way for far to long. keeping me at peace when the rest of the world is falling apart. am i ready to defend any ones ideas the same way he did for me? and beyond? Every moment giving me advise granting insight into my ears and my mind all night always trying to inform me how to find the strength to just do right.  ready to greet me with the same demeanor when i rise. Prepares a table for thousands you can spend a whole lifetime trying to count them. trying to reproduce all these benefits daily is like having to move mountains. Separate where abouts but could we even come together just to have it all? Working through these problems so we can understand how to better help ourselves. Flexible as we are now, as we try to take these unpleansentries out or our self.  Rearranging our concerns a little. allows openness, and will keep us out of that hell.
of our focus's reach. Reworking the right Formula to make sure we prevail when we are willing to agree.  To stop the main killer of our growth has to stop low self esteem.  something i had to the furthest degree. pottery pure overwhelming excitement and enthusiasm started to show its hold over me.  things i used to think were mysterious became clear and even more real to me,.To celebrate these daily anniversaries occasions that would make you feel like Hercules. Wist away by the breeze taken to the purest of locations and permanently set free. To explore in any direction to my hearts fullest of dreams. The environment i chose was quite familiar to me.  Its location is not much different then the place that you are likely to be. To escape beyond the strings that seam to keep us in need. Breaking those strings will surely help us to breathe. Help them to see a place we can work to retrieve/achieve. A place that remains when we dont turn back our beliefs.

reason4regard reason4regard
26-30, M
Nov 8, 2010