Fire Reins

This knife my heart
Take it apart
Nothing matters
Nothing turns
Into life
Except for death
And with this knife
I fight for life
In this death i call my home

Confusion turns, into something
Passion turns, becomes my hell
Fire reigns, through my veins
Past the flesh, pushing
Pulsing to the ground
You hold me down
You scream my name
It's all in vein

My eyes shut tight
The blood runs out
Down my legs
Past your stomach
Gone away
My pain your pleasure
My pleasure lost
Reaching out for him to come
Nothing in me, except for you
Something screaming
Something bleeding

I beg for them to rescue me
From this hell you call your dream
I'm not your love
I'm not your life
I'm just a girl at the edge of your knife
The tears leave my eyes
Burning my cheeks
I'm ready to die
Just take my life

The knife cuts deep
My neck starts to bleed
My eyes shut tight
By the end of the night
I'm not here
For you to kill
Because I was already dead...

(If you want to see more tell me and I'll post a few more of my poems.)
LexieVanity LexieVanity
18-21, F
Nov 10, 2010