Deceptive Perception

The eyes no longer see.
The tongue no longer tastes.
The nose no longer smells.
The body no longer feels.

The ears hear.
The ears hear.

The ears see.
The ears taste.
The ears smell.
The ears feel.

The ears talk.
The ears listen.

applesncinnamon applesncinnamon
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4 Responses Dec 22, 2010

maybe am just dumb or not pay enough attention but does this means to listen to whats going on or something like that? to pay attention maybe? listen and block the rest of the sences? If you listen to someone u can talk by doing it maybe. I amm still thinking about it lol. :P

:-) tar, I think it'll just hit the spot!!

As always, I appreciate your comments. Thank you! Please share if you think he will like. :-)

:-) This is great... applesncinnamon, do you mind if i share this poem with a friend of mine?? - he's a serious muso like me, but has been dealing with severe clinical depression for years (with music his lifeline), and I think he'd love this!!