The Cleansing Tower

See only the flesh
And the fabrications of man
Tell the story by mouth
Tell it as you see it;
Flaw by Flaw
It becomes revolting.

You know the truth
Your judgement is a solid tower
Built on Assumption and accusation

Push it all back in
Should your insides fall out
the Warm fresh red
A gross chain reaction;
One by one
We'll be puking.

You'll hide the bile
You alone can sanitize humanity
With the point of a finger

Let the Hammer fall!
We will all have our judgement day
Let the Hammer Fall!
Everything we are, is what we must betray
And we will be clean, we will be clean.
newki newki
26-30, F
3 Responses Dec 22, 2010

Thank you both! :)

Tir would approve of your vision -->

oh this is nice<br />
I like =]