Low hopes from the start, yet still disappointed,
I can't wait to just go home.
I don't understand, there was nothing I wanted,
Yet broken, rejected, alone.

Hoping the world would swallow me up,
Feeling so empty right here.
I try to know why, how I fell, so abrupt.
I wait for hope to appear.

Whenever I'm low, I know what will help;
To talk to the friends I need.
Deeply I think, and I ponder myself,
"I'm not who I'm trying to be."

That realisation is far from minute,
How can I be who I'm not?
I'll kill off this problem, right at its root,
And release all the fears that I've got.

How high can I jump? How far can I run?
How long will this energy last?
Until I'm all spent, I will not be done,
And the pain in my heart, it dies fast.

My legs are on fire, my heard beating madly,
My body is aching throughout.
Fighting the pain that I needed so badly,
I've had too much to think about.

I stop to recharge, and think for some time,
Nobody at all knows where I am.
I see my mistakes and I know how I might
Do more for myself when I can.

I know what I want, no reason to deny,
Each time that I do, I see,
I don't know why I live in this lie,
I want to be me, to be free.

On top of the world, inside so strong,
Only challenge is time and space.
All I could want, was mine all along,
In patience it'll fall into place.

I'm so damn in Love, I'm in such good health,
I have no reason at all to cry.
I've only to wait, I have spiritual wealth,
Why want any more than what's mine?
chewyconor chewyconor
26-30, M
Jan 5, 2011