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I Wanna

I wanna feel your touch like the wind on my skin from the top of my head to the pearl within

I want you to trail kisses down my spine, um when you do that I lose my mind

I wanna move in unisons like the waves in the sea, I want you to quench the fire that rages within me

I wanna coil myself around you and make our soundtrack of love Up and Down, In and Out, Round and Round we go OOH, AHH, Yes I need you so much my body just trembles at your touch

The passion is so strong like fireworks it just explodes all around us

Then you wrap me in the warm cocoon of your arms and then we drift on the now calm sea of you and me

Finally the song ends until the sun comes up and we play it again!! 

sexxydiva sexxydiva 36-40, F 12 Responses Feb 8, 2011

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I like it

Thank You!

HAha...Thanks!! :-)

I Wanna Too!

THANKS Uryknas!! Glad I could help get you in the :-)

Girl if you don't stop saying things like that I'm going to start thinking I can write....LOL Thank you so very much for the support you give always!!

Oh my goodness...I have goosebumps after reading these poetic words......<br />
Just beautiful....! :)

wow.. so well written that my ... could only stand and point at you...

@willdofornow Thanks for the kind words!

I say wow, You can put me there and I can imagine the moment. great !

@Tollguard Thanks

Ahhhhhhhhh Thanks!!!

This story is very romantic, and would lift my inners to passionate love you all over