~mon âme~ (my Soul)


Your Love is the symphony of my lonely hearts sorrow in repose, the unwitting precociousness of a child's innocence I see in the reflection of your eyes as the elucidation of my happiness dances deep within.

My heart flows with syncopation
as it beats to the dancing winds
of the ~Ruwach~ you hold.

A simplicity of rhythm,
that of familiar duplication
that does comfort my soul.

The Chief Musician inside of me sings to the melody of your Love.
PrettyOldSoul PrettyOldSoul
46-50, F
19 Responses Mar 18, 2011

The Inside Ruwach I hold, give also Light Force for You, mys lil sister. XXOO

@ dreamingmylifeaway<br />
<br />
Prettyoldsoul and me, we are good friends, and she knows I was only teasing her. Just for your information, I think this is awesome, and she is a great writer f poems. She does not give herself enough credit. <br />
<br />
POS- you rock, my friend.

XD iz k:)

<br />

Oh now wee one don't you start on me, you are the strong one,..no put me back in your pocket and away we go! <br />
<br />
I have missed you little one. Hope Im doing my job right while tucked way in your pocket,. Just always remember,, Wat wud PrettyOldSoul think of this? Then do exactly what you were going to do any way... cuse pretyoldsoul thinks yu are he wisest 3 yer old girl she has ever had he pleasure to know.. Yu always make the right decision,..I am proud of you my little friend:<br />
<br />
Now heres some tissue, go blow your nose and get out of the adult section, I;ll be right over,.. <br />
<br />
LOL,..)) You know I kid with you,..you are always welcome inside of my heart an on te pages I scribble it on too!.

dis iz sooo.....beautiful :'( i need 2 take out sum tissues nowXD no but really...ur awesum!<3

Ma Jolie Julie,.<br />
<br />
Always in my heart you are,.. I don't believe you know of any language other than that of Love.,<br />
<br />
I am honored to have you as my French Tutor, who better than to teach the language of love than she who speaks it.,...<br />
d'admiration pour mon maître et ami le plus Beautiful Soul d'apprendre. ..<br />
<br />
<br />
If we keep this up,. all who enter here will know the French language..lol

Song of Love in my soul.<br />
Gold flakes as tears,<br />
Coloured pearls in my heart.<br />
Cloud of Love on my skin.<br />
Earthly Paradise is not so far.<br />
I've the KEY, I open the door, I see my Sun, the platinium Shell offer me more than a treasure, I've now a real friend for the WAY to constellations.

Why Thank you kindly Der Sir,. I do have a pretty shiny soul don't I,..<br />
<br />
When a mirror finds itself precariously situated before me I see only what my aging eyes will allow . A woman looking back at me with bewilderment on her face,.., why did it take this body so very long figure out who she has always been...on the inside. :)

This is very beautiful, Pretty! A good reflection of your soul ;-)

You are indeed my hero,.Dreamingmylifeaway,..I honestly appreciate your battle readiness on behalf of my pure words as you so read them .<br />
A woman of Valor!<br />
<br />
<br />
Grieta,..just look what have you started (*shakes head in utter dis belief *),<br />
<br />
Is that any way for a friend of mine to act? Going around stirring the cauldron when you don't even have enough crows to fill the Pot,..... I'll swing by later and pick you up for a witches brew and we'll discuss my Lustful ways..),..:)<br />
<br />
Now where did I put my Broom?<br />
<br />
Love you, you know I do,, Always the misfit, Knoa

Oh, well. Teasing between friends is okay.

Chance, I admire you and appreciate your kindness always.<br />
<br />
Dreaming....I think my friend was teasing me..:) I hope...and thank you.

Even if there was something here that shouldn't be seen by children, I can't see how a child would know what it means unless *SOMEONE* took the time to explain it. Franky, I didn't really see *anything* to ob<x>ject to. I guess I need it explained to me. Please mum, teach me? It did seem to me to be nothing more than a love song.

SM :) much love.

Thank you. LyNz46. I appreciate the comment.

Awww,. Thank you dear Jimmy,...Love it is.

Majestic in its simplicity, glorious in its subdued beauty, these are words which are sharp as cupido's arrows, but soft as the mesmerizing, lingering reflection in her eyes...<br />
This is... love.

Just this.... you know this is a place where people- some innocent little children!!!- gather to read?<br />
<br />
How can you put stuff like this on here? <br />
<br />
*shaking head in disgust*<br />
<br />
But truth be told, this is good, friend,. Inspired and from the heart. Whoever he is, he is a lucky man.