Ironically Cliche

These feelings I can't describe overturn my decisions.
The emotions I can't read break what is left of my heart. Ironic.
I'm slowly falling apart, but no matter the distance, you can't see it.
Does it help that I barely understand? Maybe, ignorance is bliss.

My pain, it wasn't their gain, but they took it anyway. How cliche.
They let me have what was left. The outline of what was once my spirit.
Does it help to look at the memories? Maybe, it's better to forget.
But what is left when all I have is pain?

Do I need to be cast further into the shadows before i'm stronger?
Or is strength something that isn't coming?
How many times must you hear my silent tears?
How many questions do I have to ask myself...before I completely fall apart.
Does a shadow have to be dark?
Does darkness have to be painful?
Or is it true what they say? That we can help ourselves?
Before it's too late.

Words, like knives, leave marks that never truly heal.
And for some.....they never fade.
So I sit in the darkness, waiting for rescue.
Waiting for a bit of light to shine down on me.
But it only get's darker. 

18-21, F
Mar 26, 2011