First Try!

Hey everyone :) i just joined this group as i recently wrote a poem, its nothing special and you should know this is literally the first poem ive ever written, but i hope some of you like it and give me a chance ;)

The Lament for Jimmy

Your race for life,
With guises rife,
Was a climb to the stars,
Where infinity chars.

It was the daring they admired,
And how you never tired,
And too wise to survive.

You forgot time,
And ignored the waking chime,
But dreams of living forever,
Brought you and time together.

Maybe you’re cruising in Eden,
Seeing Angels Bombast,
Only now you’ll see what’s dumb,
And know it was all too fast.

Self reliant, defiant,
A rebel without a cause,
You were the boy-giant,
With an undying applause.
alextoast alextoast
18-21, M
3 Responses May 17, 2011

its a lament but at the same time a homage, nicely done!

thank you! :D

For a first poem it's really good! I can't even get things to rhyme Lol!.... Well Done!