The Birth

I've always loved reading poetry and books in high school. Ever since I graduated I've drifted away from that passion. Recently emotions I've been feeling have been pretty overwhelming at times, and I wanted a way to express them. This is my first poem, many more will come as long as I am inspired as I have been. I have never written poetry before, so my style maybe pretty informal or unorthodox, I am not following any traditional style when I write, though I may look into it. I am just a beginner. Thanks.

The Birth

emerging from the womb
light swallows me
am i awake? put me back, put me back in my tomb
for it is all i know

darkness was, now all that which is, is not known
all i see, all i know, is what i am shown
a feeling grows,
through me flows
a world, unfolds,
beginning or end, i was never told

i am, therefore they are
i am, therefore i was
i am, therefore i will be
i am, therefore i will cease to be

light escapes
darkness swallows me, am i safe? they must not be there
i am left to be, am i awake? i must not have been
i cannot see, i am afraid. i will never be
i am here, and here i will wait. i have ceased to be
Odetothemoon Odetothemoon
26-30, M
3 Responses May 27, 2011

wow that was wonderful, good job, i liked the idea of birth, not really something i guy would normally talk or write about


This is beautiful. Sad, but beautiful. You're talented.