In Sleepless Hours

In nighttime's sleepless hours my reverie of you takes hold
I place a kiss so gentle as not to stir a sleeping baby on the face that fills my waking hours and haunts my dreams
You alone are my Northern lights, evoking a rainbow of cascading colours, Plumes of light that fill the evening sky
transcending the grey urban landscape into a scene of unimaginable beauty
The moon becomes our glitter ball, illuminating the deserted walkways, now our promenade
Frost chilled air warmed by your smile, soft iridescent skin brings the scent of spring and breaks the bleak mid winter
We embrace the Midnight hour, held fast as though to lose your touch would stop my heart that beats for you alone.
the breath of your whisper sends my aching body into raptures of untold pleasure
I lament the breaking sun that takes you , Dawns chorus has little joy for me.
while Icarus burns his wings on flights of fancy, I wait patiently for the blanket of darkness to return when the moon will once again be our
Glitter Ball
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13 Responses Jun 2, 2011

Of all of the favorites that I do hold of yours, this one is one of my most favorite favorites.. The need for an an exact word to describe that will come to me.....wait for it. ;)

Wow, really beautiful.

I want to read this over and over

Thank you for sharing that sensitive poem.

I devoured this, the way your words flow is incredible
Amazing work!!

You just told my story, thank you, it was...Beautiful

So beautiful!

Beautifully written..:)

You're welcome..

Oh my...This is beautiful

Beautiful poem you have the ability to paint picture with your words

your welcome

I'm in awe. You have a talent for painting a picture with your words :)

You're welcome :) It's very much deserved :)

wow, i've been reading this piece since the day you posted it, trying to come up with the right words to leave as a comment. everything i could say falls short and sounds so completely ordinary by comparison. the irony is never missed when a beautfully written poem leaves me speechless. i know full well the yearning you so artfully depict in this piece. your talent for painting images through words is remarkable. thank you for sharing this gem. XOXOXO

Beautiful Woobie, Tuesday cannot possibly miss you as much as I. I think of you always. With deep Love.

Midnight should be so lucky to entertain a love such as this.

How did you come to be so beautiful?