Give Me Some Time....

Give me time to confide in yu, 
and tell yu whats really on my mind.
Give me time to get realxed,
so I can tell surely that everything's just fine.

I know that i lost her
but time will let me heal
She knows, I can never forget her
There's so many times I've wished her here

She taught me how to ride my bike
She taught me how to tie shoes
She taught me to read the bible, 
and follow God's rules.

She taught me how to love everyone 
so much, that i almost never knew hate 
And she taught me how to be strong 
that's how i survived unsuccessful dates 

So after all that I've endured 
and all that I've conquered 
She's been the rock
keeping me from going under 

So that's why I ask you to just give me some time 
so i can relax and hit the play button inside my mind
so that I can share with you all the good things about my gramma
all the good times 
tenshilove tenshilove
18-21, F
2 Responses Jun 16, 2011

aww...sad and sweet :)

aww...sad and sweet