You Can't Resist Change Forever...

Intro (the rush this man forced upon me was sweet like cherries and white chocolate
tender and gentle as breezes in the Summer time.
I always believed he was my other half. My king.)

It started with a finger
Pointing, piercing my chest
The flow.
His stormy eyes. A crashing conflict.
blue waves of heavenly sensations
leading the way to feral passion.
Begging to be led all the way…

He is my only witness to this changing,
Inside of me
My hunger feeds this compelling notion that I may be complete when he is moving alongside of me.

Cedar and Pine
Twisting cinnamon, burning leaves
Suffering desire
Suspended in air waiting to be let go
to fall.
Ashes upon my face
and a sudden frantic application of red lipstick
It is my delight melting, smearing, indulging
from a bite
a metallic impact
shiny and smooth
liquid plastic
muffled moans
Something’s in the fire.
Something’s in the fire.

His hand rests upon my belly and in my heart I know it’s true…

The truth, I am searching for
is hidden in molecules floating through the air
I find it when I'm with him.

And now I know he is not of this world.
Can I even stop myself? This must be magic.
Is he my reason when I’ve lost all logic?
I think I know him so well but I could regret
this current state of static electricity could shock us.
Can I stop myself ?

Fight as we may, the honey between us won’t go away
Cause we’ve always been sticky like that.
The rest of the world watches as we fall.

He was right.
I’ll be thinking of him tonight.
IvoryTapestry IvoryTapestry
26-30, F
Jun 22, 2011