~ Mortality Of Moons ~

                        ~ Mortality of Moons ~

It seems our lives are
Much like our moon…
Moving through phases,
Orbiting the events
Of life and its paces.
The new moon of birth,
And waxing crescent of
Taking our first step
Toward the first quarter
Of human expression.
Brighter and brighter
Are we,
Through the changing
Tides of our sea…
Waxing toward fullness
Like dancing fireflies
In a forest of reverie.
When waning gibbous
Craters of experience
Attest to our sins…
Elliptical memories
Are part of our song.
In waning last quarter
And crescent,
Our thoughts speed out
Into the night...
Celestial rivers
That  flow; cascading
Back upon our solstice
Moon glow.
Like real rivers,
The eddies and currents
Are never precise.
Each thought's movement
Recreates the unique...
Our minds never stepping
In the same river twice.
We wear the mortality
Of moons,
The shifting dust
Of cratered dunes…
Another epoch of evolution,
And we will revolve in a
New horizon of
Spirit’s elocution.
Connifer/@Copyright, 7/2011

Connifer Connifer
56-60, M
Jul 21, 2011