No, I Do Not Embrace Darkness, Just A Poem I Wrote Awhile Back.

The sun shines brightly, pushing its way through, but I push back, saying I just cant stand you. The darkness glooms, the moon glows, I open my windows, and say welcome home. I step forward, only to retreat, its rays settle on me, like a bright golden sheet. I step forward, and embrace dark, the moons rays settle on me, like a hungry shark. A happy thought, crosses my mind, I swipe it away, cursing the time. A dark thought, opens up, I smile and think, your time is up. Warmth follows close, its comfort sweet, but I run quick, launching my feet. Darkness comes, its arms open wide, it lifts me, and brings me to the sky.
MrsAYearWithoutRain MrsAYearWithoutRain
13-15, F
Jul 31, 2011