Do I want?
Or do I yearn?

Calling forth a new horizon!
A renewed foundation to stand on.
My legs are shaky,
As is the earth below.

The children are woeful
Their parents war-torn
Crows echo their strangled tears.
We accept the morose as we accept tomorrow.

Do I cry?
Or do I forget?

Repress the meandering angst
Bury my screeching anguish
Waves rise to my window
Water crashes through, pressing my lungs.

Rain trickles from blackened skies
Purges our weighted souls
Winter comes too soon.
Life stolen in the turbulence.

Do I run?
Or do I watch the river flow?

The fish swim and animals feed.
Yet, I coil.
Crawl underneath the hardest stone.
Hide from the morning.

The trail scrapes against the soles of my feet
Blood and flesh torn away
Pulled with indifference.
The forest naked, bare to its adversaries.

Do I jump?
Or do I silently succumb?
mightybear mightybear
18-21, F
Aug 4, 2011