My Spirit's Song

As the moon drips down from the evening sky casting it's reflection on the lake.
It shimmers on the gentle waves leaving you to wonder if it's real or it's fake
The transparent clouds glide slowly across the naked sky
Wishing I could get lost in it's beauty. Wishing if only I could fly
Drift passionately into the moisture of the night.
While the sky shines it's only light
I'd dive into it's blackened sea.
Lost in total ecstasy.
I would drift away into the abyss.
As the wind blows gently like a loving kiss
Touching, caressing, feeling complete
I surrender myself to this wonderful defeat
It all seemed so surreal to me
As I drift back into reality
So as I see the moon hang in the sky
I just shake my head and sigh.
My lids become heavy and sleep, I can not fight
I give in to it's drowsy temptation and go to sleep for the night,
iamblackpanther iamblackpanther
26-30, F
1 Response Aug 12, 2011

She lays there, motionless.her eyes are closed,and she feels the chaotic hell building in her.she smells the dark fire deep in her torso.she hears the yells and whispers of those demonic things in true agony........but most of all she is a hopeless poet thinking of what to write next.Huh. thnx I think she got it.