Memories Of A Fallen One

the memories of yesterday come flooding in my mind. remembering the times of words said that now i can't unwinde. i remember the good times, as well as the bad. everything we used to do. all the fun that we had. we used to sit in the park just to talk and play. where did all the time go. we got lost in the day. when i was scared, you were always there to lay by my side. no matter the fear, you were always there for me to confide. i remember sitting on your lap, letting me hold on to the wheel. you would hold your arms around me, that now i wish i could feel. all the stories you used to tell would always make me laugh. i wish i could hear them again for now my heart is broke in half. the day that you fell, an angel came to me. he said " it's time to let go. your soul needs to be free." for now that your gone, i still dream of you at night. when i see you, you don't talk, but there's a looming light. i know your with the angels now, forever you will stay. when the day comes for me, i hope you'll be there to guide me on my way. we can finally be together again. we can start over anew. in life, in death, i want you to know how much i love you.
pinklily69 pinklily69
31-35, F
Aug 12, 2011